Friday November 7th, 2020
The Cheel
6 - 9 PM
105 S Main St, Thiensville, WI 53092

"Super Killer Harp Player, and a Helluva Nice Guy. When I first heard him, I became an instant fan" - Brandon Santini.

"A Real Deep Player. It's a pleasure to have him in my band" - Paul Filipowicz.

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"Big" Al's Blues Howlers

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"One of the GREATEST harmonica and guitar players of his generation" - Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys. 

​​"Blues At  Its Absolute  Finest"​​


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"He's an amalgamation of different styles. To tell you the truth, "Big" Al is truly one of the GREATEST young players I've ever had the pleasure of knowing" - Billy Branch.


"We need more REAL Blues harmonica And guitar Players like him" - Jim Liban.

"A True Bonafide Legend" - Billy Flynn.

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