"Big" Al Dorn

"Blues At Its Finest"​


"A DYNAMITE Entertainer" - Tweed Funk.

"A True Bonafide Legend" - Billy Flynn.

"He's A REAL Houserocker" - Smilin' Bobby.

        "Big" Al Biography

         Although he jokes on stage that he was born in a shotgun shack in the bayou outside New Orleans, Louisiana, "Big" Al Dorn was born and raised on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he still remains to this day.


        At age 2, He first found the Blues when listening to a record by Blues Superstar John Lee Hooker. A year later, Al picked up his first harmonica, little did he realize that it would become important tool in his career. After his older, guitar picking brother Niko moved away to college, "Big" Al discovered the guitar and has played one ever since. As Al grew, he discovered more and more Blues legends like Muddy Waters, Little Walter, B.B. King, etc. When he came of age, "Big" Al discovered the local Blues scene and has never looked back.

      The dream of being successful is a long, hard road and sometimes reading and learning about how musicians make money isn't enough. At age 12, "Big" Al began to play on the streets of Milwaukee for whatever money and tips he could get. Eventually, "Big" Al's talent began to be noticed and praised by the veterans of the Milwaukee Blues community.  At 14 years old, he met and forged a long lasting friendship and collaboration with local Blues legend Reverend Raven.

      Through the Reverend, "Big" Al has met, played with, and been apart of some of the biggest names of the Midwest Music Industry. He occasionally loans his talents to other local bands. Notable Bands and Names include The Blues Disciples, Tweed Funk, Cadillac Pete & The Heat, Jonny T-Bird & The MP's, Leroy Airmaster, The Jimmys, Robert Allen Jr. & Zoot Suit Boogie, Alex Wilson, along with the Milwaukee Blues Old Guards like "The Mighty" Stokes, Milwaukee Slim, Sly, Charles "The Delta Blues Hog" and "PeeWee" Hayes, Billy Flynn and Lee Gates. He has also had the privelige and honor to perform with legendary harmonica players Jim Liban, Billy Branch and Corky Siegel and Chicago greats Smilin' Bobby, Robert Stroger and "Rockin'" Johnny Burgin.

      Having played in many top Wisconsin bands, "Big" Al not only adds Jazz, R&B and Soul to his unique sound, but remains completely TRUE to his Blues Roots.